Mobile Veterinary Unit

Directorate of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services, Orissa, Cuttack



  1. The Department of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services Orissa intends to provide veterinary services in rural & interior areas, especially in 10 tribal dominated districts. It is felt essential to provide the desired veterinary services in the interior pockets so as to enable the livestock owners living in the remote areas can avail the opportunities to consider AH activities as livelihood option and maximize profit through livestock sector.. The proposal has been funded under RKVY.

Need for Mobile Veterinary Unit:

Factors negatively influencing in delivery of Veterinary services through existing Veterinary institutions are as follows:

  • Distance of remote villages from veterinary institution.

  • Natural barriers to reach out to such pockets.

  • Lack of inadequacy in public transportation network & difficult terrain like, Ghat sections isolating the vulnerable sections of the society.

  • No exclusive veterinary team to reach out to these disadvantaged sections and locations.

  • Mobile Veterinary Unit (MVU) in our veterinary service delivery system is designed as an alternative model of rural animal health care delivery for a specified area with earmarked team of veterinary professionals with supporting equipments & drugs. It is envisaged to provide preventive, curative services as well as breeding facilities in the inaccessible areas & difficult terrains which are un-served /underserved under normal circumstances.


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